i’m writing a huge long karezi fic based off a lot of prompts like just a lot of them

i just need to figure out the order/see if i’m going to switch povs between “chapters”

just so you know i didn’t forget you, you excellent tumblr user karkatstuck


You weren’t sure when you first noticed him. Brash, loud, annoying… He was perfect and you were determined to be friends. Sitting with Vriska in math, the two of you whispered up the perfect plan. Since Sollux was out sick, you would steal the empty seat next to Karkat in science class, antagonize him, and become friends. There was no way it wouldn’t work.

You could feel Nepeta’s envious eyes on you when you slid more or less gracefully into the seat at Karkat’s side. “What the fuck do you want?” His voice, growling and low, sends a shiver of delight down your spine.

“Can’t a girl sit where she likes without getting questioned, Mr. Vantas?” He sniffs in disapproval, turning away from you. You can hardly pay attention to Mr. Noir, lecturing you on the dangers of chemicals and shit. Sniffing unobtrusively at Karkat, you notice an interesting cherry smell. Either the kid washes his hair with feminine body products, or he’s been eating your favorite fruit for lunch. You tune back in to the lecture just in time to hear this weeks assignment.

“Right, kids,” he barks, “this week you’ll be pairing up with whatever unfortunate kid that’s sharing your lab table.” Perfect, you mouth towards Vriska, almost smelling the triumphant smile she must be sending your way. Leaning back in your chair, you sigh, hearing Karkat snap the tip of his pencil in frustration. It wasn’t your fault that Sollux stayed home sick today, after all.

That night you call Karkat, eager to hear him yell some more. After a decent amount of spluttering, he agrees to come over for the next few days so you can work on your project. When you hang up, you immediately call Kanaya, partially to ask for advice on what to wear, and partially because you have no idea what you’re supposed to be working on with Karkat.

The first time he comes over, Karkat is jumpy, but he eventually relaxes. You know you can’t push him, can’t tease him and taunt him until he breaks, so you

and then i got lazy and had to go to school it happens  

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